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Dealing with models who flake out

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Dealing with models who flake out
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:44:19 AM »


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I'm sure every photographer has dealt with this far too often: last minute cancellation on a shoot or worse, not bothering to even text or call to say they're not coming.  While I understand stuff sometimes comes up, possibly the biggest joy killer in trying to do shoots with models are those who flake out.  It's already a tough enough process to figure out scheduling and find someone just right to work with for a shoot.  I even let anyone who is planning to do a shoot with me that if they do need to cancel, just give me a few hours notice so I don't spend time getting the studio stuff set up and can instead go do something else with my afternoon/evening.  I don't even need a reason. 

Most recent "excuses":
- bad traffic, decided to turn around part way between Seattle and Tacoma
- "my mom locked her keys in her car and I have to go help"

To models (especially those who agreed to do a nude shoot):
If you change your mind about doing a shoot, I personally am totally okay with that, but please give 24 hour notice at the very least.  I don't even need a reason!  Just say you're unable to make it. 

If I end up running into too many flakes, I stop doing shoots with people for awhile, so models who are flaky are only hurting opportunities for reliable models.